Career Education & Guidance

Career Guidance & Counselling

Career counselor at Beaconhouse Private School

Career counselor at Beaconhouse will be helping students in developing skills, explore a career, or choose an educational program that will lead to a career.

With career counseling, students would be able to know

  • Their aptitude and interests
  • Strengths and weaknesses of a particular interest
  • Making choice of stream for education after class 10
  • Career options available in market as per their academic choice
  • Career options available as per their interest
  • Some alternative career options if they decide to change their stream in future

The Beaconhouse school counseling department believes:

  • All students are unique and will support them in achieving their maximum potential according to their learning styles and strengths.
  • Counselor at school is committed to ongoing professional development in their field and current best practices in the international context.
  • Our program promotes intercultural understanding and respect for the various backgrounds and beliefs of all stakeholders.
  • The Beaconhouse Counseling Department will be providing a comprehensive counseling program that attends to the personal, social, emotional and global perspective developmental needs of all students.

Services are provided through:


  • Classroom/advisory lessons
  • Individual and small group counseling
  • Consultation and collaboration with parents and teachers
  • Parent presentations and workshops
  • Referrals to other school support services or community resources
  • The Student Support Services Team
  • Collaboration with Administration
  • Career Fair