Engagement with the Community

Community Engagement at Beaconhouse Private School

Beaconhouse Private School, Muscat, has always believed in Community Outreach – Education must go beyond academics and children learn best by being involved. What better way than to serve the community to which we belong to- Important values like empathy , tolerance and peace ,& team spirit are imbibed through community engagement programs and some of the outreach projects that we have been involved with are showcased here :-

In February 2017, we hosted HOPE FLOATS –FUN SPORTS –for the children of the CENTRE FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION, Indian School Muscat – this program was a huge success. Our young Beaconites learnt that being different is also gift, their interaction with the special children added a wealth of experience to their lives as the joy our children received was unmatched and the special children carried home a life time of wonderful memories!!!

Another community highlight was the OMAN CANCER ASSOCIATION (OCA) WALKATHON. Our senior school children not only participated in the walkathon – the Walk of Life -to create awareness but they also graced the occasion with a melodious rendition of the Oman National anthem which was played by our school band. So much for fostering values of Love for Majestic Oman & its rich culture and heritage.

Another remarkable community outreach was the OMAN YEMEN FOOD CAMPAIGN -6TH PHASE. Where our school made a difference to a humanitarian global cause by donating food items to the less fortunate and the needy.

In March 2019 our school hosted BIG BAZAAR–  This was a rich blend of cultures as our students and their parents of varied origins came together to share ethnic cuisine , music , art and dress styles- all this creating an atmosphere of synergy and togetherness !!!

Our school has been well connected with Dar Al Atta’s Association (DAA), a charity association that caters to the underprivileged in Oman. The coin collection drive was a small but powerful act of kindness which helped our children to think of ‘the other’ rather than ‘self’

Besides this , Beaconhouse Private School has been always had ‘community’ at the heart of the education process ,  the GLOBAL DIGNITY WEEK celebrated each year has become a part of our ethos where the students  organize Sports , Parties and Gifts for our dear Support Staff. Visits to Dar Al Hannan, Royal Hospital Pediatric Department, Down Syndrome Association, Oman and Al Wafa Disability are some of the projects we have spearheaded because we believe in Dignity for All, for that is truly education for Life!