School Transport


At Beaconhouse Private School we ensure the highest standards of security and safety during the children’s journey to and from school.

Beaconhouse Private School buses have 8 coaster buses, with all safety equipment on board. Buses are staffed by professionally trained drivers and assistants who follow the school approved safety procedures, maintaining the well-being and safety of all our students on their journeys to and from school.

Having a capacity to take on board 15 students.

  • Records maintained and report submitted on monthly basis.
  • Safety belts on all seats in the buses.
  • Front cameras.
  • Water bottles in case of emergency.
  • First Aid kits.
  • Door mechanism is controlled by the driver for the safety of the child on board.
  • Lady Nannies are present on the buses to on board and off board students with care and to monitor and maintain safety regulations while on board.
  • Children are not allowed to leave their seats while the bus is in motion.
  • One 6-kg fire extinguisher if the school bus is less than 10-meter long.
  • The buses must be clean and well maintained at all times.
  • Complains can be logged to the administration in this regard.
  • We have 8 buses in all.


The buses cover the following areas mentioned below.

Bus numbers Area
Bus # 1 Ruwi
Bus # 2 Al-Khuwair
Bus # 3 Al- Aziba
Bus # 4 Al- Seeb
Bus # 5 Al-Hail
Bus # 6 Madinat Qaboos
Bus # 7 Al- Ansab
Bus # 8 Al-Amirat


We, at Beaconhouse Private School always believe in smooth, safe and sound operations outside and within the school premises. Our motto is the safety of our students, and we truly believe in the same at all times.

For more details please call at 2456 0215/ 2456 0291  to get in touch with the Administration – Annamma Andrews( extn. 104)  and Farha Al Shukaili (extn. 116).  You can also send them an email at and